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01.12.08 Say Goodbye to Standby – with complete control

Assamstadt. ANSMANN AG, one of the leading producers of batteries, charging technology and power supplies, are combating needless standby power consumption usage with a new “Zero-Watt” range.

In Germany alone, unnecessary power consumption is more than 20 billion kWh which accounts for approximately 10 – 20% of the total electricity bill in a normal household. Households could potentially save hundreds of ? each year on their electricity bill by eliminating standby power consumption. Beside the economy, this technology provides clear advantages for the environment. It is possible to save about 20 million tonnes of CO2 emission by avoiding standby power. From market-research we know that most consumers are aware of the problem with standby power but preventing it is not so easy. Many electronic devices must be turned off by hand and often the power supply is ‘out of sight’ and it is easily forgotten that the power source, as well as the device, should be turned off. ANSMANN AG is developing products using Zero-Watt-Technology, many of which can be used in different areas of the household – they will be very easy to use, safe and give the user complete control. ANSMANN AG has applied for a patent on this self developed technology and it exceeds the requirements of the US-Energy-Star-program as well as meeting future ecological principles of the EU, which will demand a decrease of standby power. A further advantage of the technology is an increase in the lifetime of electronic devices due to electronic components not being under steady current. For many consumers, another important feature of this technology will be the possibility to avoid potential damage to electronic devices when absent from the home. ANSMANN AG will present a range of devices in Zero-Watt-Technology at the Cebit Fair in March 2009.


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